Terms And Blacklist

Last Edited : February 26, 2023 At About 10:59 AM UTC

General Terms

Ask First When You Want To

  • Repost

  • Edit

  • Please Don't

  • Copy / Steal My Art / Characters
    [ Getting Inspired Is Fine ! ]

  • Trace

  • Recolor

  • Make Bases

  • Claim It As Yours

  • Sell It
    [ I DON'T support NFTs ]

  • Commission Terms And Info

    • I Only Accept PayPal And Nitro

    • Prices Have To Be Paid In Euros [ € ] Or USD [ $ ] When Paying With PayPal

    • You Have To Send At Least 50% Of the Payment Before I'll Start When Paying With PayPal

    • Don't Sent The Payment If I Haven't Agreed On Giving You A Commission Slot Yet

    • I Have The Right To Decline The Commission Request For Any Reason

    • The Time Of The Work Getting Finished Might Vary Depending On My Real Life

    • You Have To Provide Me Clear References Of The Character You Want To Get Drawn

    • You Won't Be Sharing Any Personal Info Of Mine And I Won't Share Any Personal Info Of Yours Without Consent [ Ex. Real Full Name, E-mails, Adresses... ]

    • You'll Need To Tell Me If You Don't Want Me To Post The Commission Work Online

    You Are Allowed To Use The Commission For : Profile Pictures, Edits and Repost It WITH CREDIT | Non-Commercial Use Only

    You Are NOT Allowed To : Sell It, Steal / Claim It As Your Work Or Make NFTs Out Of It

    I Won't Do : NSFW, Things That Make Me Uncomfortable, Too Complex Characters / Backgrounds

    Adoptables Terms

  • Please Credit Me As The Designer
    [ In Places Like Toyhou.se ]

  • Don't Give Them Away For More Than You Got Them Unless They've Got Extra Art And Stuff
    [ It Would Be Kinda Unfair If I Sold them To You For 5€ And You Would Sell Them For 20€ Without Any Additional Art Or Items ]

  • Blacklist

    I Won't Sell Anything To These People

  • personi_fication

  • Art / Character Thief

  • sinta_adopt

  • Art / Character Thief